So on Thursday, 9/8/16 I had the pleasure to be the guest on #Social Pow Wow, a Twitter Chat with a strong Indian audience, well because the host, the lovely Ancita Satija, is of New Dehli Area India. Ancita is a communications professional and ever since I was invited to be one of her guest on SPW she has become a dear friend and colleague of mine in the social media world, especially in the Twitterverse. She is simply innovative and loves to bring out as well as connect so many dots of terms and strategies that fall under Marketing.

Never would I have dreamed in a million years that someone would ask me to be a guest speaker on a social media platform talking on anything, so it was definitely a humbling and great experience.

For those who know me or have seen me either participate in Twitter Chats or be a guest for one, I am a very visual person. You can save visuals and review them for later. Visuals can convey more information without burning precious characters (thank the Lord for Twitter’s changes in what counts as characters in your tweets). And more importantly visuals can really bring all the research that I do to prepare for Twitter chats to life but not only the information but just really bring life and new dynamics to the chat experience. (Thus why I created OTRChat and assembled the @GifWolfPack but I digress…)

For those who are unaware how Twitter Chats work…

Many Twitter Chats have a host or moderator who will lead the discussion by tweeting questions or topics for participants to comment on or discuss which may include a guest to share insights. In this case Ancita Satija is the host of Social Pow Wow in which I was a guest speaker for that specific week of her weekly Twitter Chat. You can add a comment or answer a question, type a tweet and include the hashtag. Typically depending on which question (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.), you post your answer or comment starting with (A1, A2, A3, etc.) in your tweet. If you don’t include the hashtag, the chat participants will not see your tweets (and you don’t want to be invisible but heard). If you don’t include the specific corresponding answer tag it may not be clear on which question you are answering and/or responding to.

But nevertheless, below you will find the Storify composite of Twitter Chat and some of the insights of Transmedia I try to break down and give. You’ll notice most of my answers come with a corresponding visual so it won’t be hard to find my answers to the questions asked by Ancita.

So enjoy and please feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk about Transmedia Marketing further.