I want to come right out of the gate to address a few things:

  • A “killer” website doesn’t mean that your business will flourish. That website could be the most responsive, visually appealing, most interactive website in the whole world… but it won’t mean anything if people cannot find it. Thus why SEO is so vital.

“SEO is not something you do anymore. It’s what happens when you do everything else right” – Chad Pollitt

  • Stop avoiding self-promotion. Companies may avoid marketing because the CEO or the founders don’t feel comfortable promoting themselves. That just should not be, especially if you have a great product(s) or service(s). People relate to people (#H2H = Human 2 Human Relations) and are more inclined to engage with a company with a face(s).
  • Sales & Marketing are your wonder twins. They are your right and left arms. You need them both to be successful! One of the most significant consequences of times changing is that marketing teams now play an equal role to sales in new customer acquisition and have a huge and increasing influence on the sales pipeline and the sales outcome. Sales and Marketing working together will improve the process for customer acquisition (lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and sales closing).[1]
  • And finally… Be Human.

Thank you Susie Concannon for this well-stated blurb on simply “being human”


A marketing strategy for your business isn’t easy. You must…

  • Know Your Audience
  • Do Countless Trial & Error to Get it Right
  • Establish Your Brand Identity

“#Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing” – Rebecca Lieb

As the scope of content marketing continues to expand, it has become increasingly important not just to produce content, but to produce content that is 10x better than the rest and establish yourself as the go-to expert. Competing for the finite attention spans of your customers is no easy task, and that’s why quality content needs to be the top priority in your digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website and social media profiles.[2]

It’s not just about having a website, some social media profiles, and your company’s name in some directories or listings.

To be frank, it’s not enough just to “exist”. If that’s the case, you might as well just have your company only in the Yellow Pages and call it a day.

Google’s Algorithm has changed everything (as it does every two years or so). You have to be active to keep your ranking up. Just flooding your pages with keywords (besides the fact it’s quite frankly annoying and inconsiderate to readers in my personal opinion) will no longer automatically put you at the top.

You must choose your social media profiles wisely. Not all sites will be beneficial to you. Sure, it definitely takes time to figure out how to get your audience established. Though sometimes you can have a great strategy, but maybe your audience just isn’t there.

There are 3.17 Billion Users Worldwide on the Internet.

The Average Internet User Has 5 Social Media Accounts.


At the end of the day (and this post)… I leave you with this:

Not everything works for everybody. A book you bought on “How to do this… in so many steps” may help 5 people in your circle but not you. A seminar you went to may have given someone the final component for their perfect branding pitch but not for you. I am not saying to not do any of these things because trust me we all have, and still do to learn because in this industry there is always something changing and being updated. What I am saying is, there is no “instant recipe” where all you add is water. And the moment you realize that you have taken your first step forward. Establishing yourself, your brand, your digital imprint, your proper channels, SEO, a good solid website (down to even easy navigation and of course responsive on all view layouts: laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile), cultivating and working hard to establish an audience and maintain that audience, having great customer service, and then there is your recipe. Then all you do is add your water, and that water is content. Now keep in mind your recipe will continue to grow. It’s a never ending process of adapting and evolving.

There is no “instant recipe”. There are no amount of steps, no secrets, for establishing a successful marketing/social media strategy. The recipe requires time, patience, trial & error, and much effort…and then all you do is add water (content).

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