Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

It's All About Perspective

Don’t be defined by your age, race, gender, or where you come from. What you choose to become is based on your mindset. When things happen in your life that’s out of your control, how you respond to it is based on your mindset.

Most people know I don’t quit. I don’t give up. I will find a way. I don’t rest. (I mean I’m a workaholic). My mindset is always I can be better; I can learn more and do more. I can grow and improve and become more effective and efficient. Not that I don’t have doubts or fears or insecurities at times, I work through them because my mindset is if I work at challenging my weakness and weak tendencies enough, I will overcome them. I overcame being an introvert years ago. I’ve developed an even deeper level of patience and calmness. All from observing past and current CEO’s, supervisors, coworkers, mentors, friends, influencers, etc. over the years. It’s all helped me grow and maintain a hungry mind with the desire to be the best version of myself. So be the best version of yourself! Your biggest competition is yourself.