I am just going to come right out and ask does anyone REALLY use Google+? Like Really?

I always use Gmail and Youtube and other such apps in the Google arsenal in that grid view in Chrome daily, yet Google Plus might as well just be there for decorations because I honestly never use it. It was supposed to be the “next big thing” in connecting and bringing people together. However, as far as I can tell, it has been nothing more than something someone who wants to be relevant online just does one time for the added verification and SEO boost it provides.

I apologize for the run-on sentence, I can just hear my 6th-grade teacher cringing from reading that, but I don’t feel like changing it so #sorrynotsorry. Honestly, I would love to do a video instead to just blab my thoughts on Google+ but at the moment busy working on a media presentation. Plus, (see what I did there?), I need to do more blog posts so here I go typing at 90 WPM instead but I digress…

So back to my initial question and reasoning for writing this post…. who uses Google Plus? Is it a lost cause? If it wasn’t for the fact it’s another channel to convey your information to the masses, is it acceptable to “set it and forget it” or even delete it?

So what does anyone do when they want an answer to a question? (Let’s not all raise our Twitter fingers all at once with an answer shall we). Well…we Google It! That’s exactly what I did and this is what I found….

You get a mixed bag and my initial impressions by the search results were:

  • Yes it’s DEAD
  • Just because it’s not “mainstream” social media doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value (which I think they’re sugar coating the failure it is, being overly optimistic about it, or it’s not as a failure because it’s associated with Google?
  • An “expensive failure” Google+ is (Yoda voice)


So I clicked on one of the link and at Social Media Revolver they flat out declared that Google+ is in fact…dead.


Honestly, the first one got me and they could have left it at that. Is it wrong to associate Google with the word “failure”? But failure is to be expected in any industry, business, or company, especially implementing a social platform for users. The article sets the tone early stating that the tech giant has failed quite a bit with solid examples. Do I think the failure (as it stands right now) with Google+ is a reflection of Google as a whole? Of course not.

Google+ is right under LinkedIn as far as my thoughts are concerned. As I said earlier, it’s just something you update from time to time and forget about it.

I did notice my last time posting on Google+ was July 9, 2015. So I did make another post asking “does anyone use Google+ anymore” and at the time of me writing this post it is October 10, 2016. That’s 460 days (including the end date)! That’s 11,040 hours I have not even once thought about Google+ or been on it. I couldn’t imagine going at least a day without checking Facebook for funny videos and such and not even 20 minutes without checking Twitter unless I’m doing something important that requires full focus or in a meeting.

Just goes to show you that just adding your name it, no matter how big of a company or brand you are, doesn’t mean it will sell itself or that people will utilize it.

I also notice that Google+ has changed since my last encounter with it. In my opinion, for a minute it actually made things more confusing but I eventually settled in. I think I have the same number of people in my circle since then give or take and the feed still seems dry as ever.

I guess one could say thank you Google+ for failing because as a social media person, that’s one less platform to put in a lot of work in making connections, building communities, and establishing your brand. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t rebrand it and it gets some traction. In my honest opinion if they were to do all of that I would consider even changing the name (but that’s just me).

I am not even going to say follow me on Google+ because I simply don’t use nor does it ever enter my mind the thought to do so.

What can Google do to bring Google+ back to life?

I think they need a face to the platform and new marketing structure. My initial thought would be commercials that make fun of it and then show how’s changed and is ready to be in the spotlight. Think “nerdy shy student in high school turned into a great entrepreneur who is simply taking the world by storm”. Maybe “a seed was planted with a time lapse and as the world is passing it by it’s just steadily growing and eventually here it is standing tall”. I also thought of clips of people failing at things miserably in the beginning but eventually getting the hang of it and then succeeding which would allow for people like actors/actresses and athletes to be featured in the commercials clips. I’m sure there are many stars today who thought they would never be as successful as they are, my initial thought was Chris Pratt his story resonates well. Or we could go a totally different direction and use Google people in the offices using (obviously unnamed but showing screens of the likeness of Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc.) and showing the team constantly going back to the drawing board after each failed attempt sort of giving a history lesson of the progression of Google+ to what it’s new vision is, etc. I am full of various creative ideas but this is not the blog post for an extensive look at what I feel they could do to revive Google+.

Hey Google, if “your all seeing eyes” ever get a glimpse at reading this and think hey that’s a good idea, I’m all in to give my pitch over to you in full with no hesitation (I can dream).