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At What Cost Would You Pursue Social Validation?

I admit I have a hard time saying no to helping people. Simply, I always feel like when someone is down, and I am able, I will do all within my power to help as I would hope if it ever comes to it someone will do so for me. I love creating content!

But though I love creating content, I’ve spent the past two years making content across the spectrum for everyone else, and my ambitions have suffered tremendously. But on top of that, I’m fighting against time.Ā There’s not enough of it!

To be honest, I’m just an average joe with an abnormal work ethicĀ and a desire to create. I love it so much it’s my job. And after all the hours you put in from concept to competition, you’re burnt out when you get home. After editing so much, you don’t feel like recording your own.Ā Writing? I’m lucky if I remember to tweet (or schedule tweets) for my own profile after doing so for 30+ other profiles throughout the day.

We see fellow social influencers, content creators, vloggers, bloggers, writers, speakers, tweeters, etc. just killing it (and trust me I’m happy for all of you). But unless you have nothing to do or never sleep, if you have a full-time job it’s hard to give the time necessary.

Yes, when you have the time do so. But I’ve watched over the years what people have sacrificed for “social recognition and pristineness.” It’s not what it’s all cracked up to be (though many aspire to achieve such heights if we’re honest).

I’ve seen people lose their spouses, their families, their jobs, for social validation. So eliminate people whose jobs are to give their opinions online or those who make no money in it, tell me this, would being verified to every account mean anything outside of your phone screen? Would it mean anything at all in the real world? (Again if social media was not contributing to your main source of income, and even if it was, there is an element where if you don’t unplug, you may have “the appearance of everything,” but in reality, you may have nothing tangible.)

Treat social media validation, blue checkmarks, follower count, retweet count, likes, shares, etc. with a grain of salt. You get what you put into it.

No this is not a deterrentĀ to pursuing the coveted blue checkmarks. Trust, I would love to have one, not for money purposes but it would allow me to engage with even more people, interview more people, and just be an igniter of conversations. This is only an admonishment that there will be sacrifices and even after all of the sacrifices in the process for something that will not (of itself) translate into financial gain, may be too big to bear.

I love my wife, and though I have my phone and laptopĀ attached to my hip at almost all waking (and most sleeping) hours of the day, I do make time to unplug and spend the quality time necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. (I am also very blessed that my wife does support and understand the career path I have chosen and the work and hours involved to continuously get better at it to maintain my job as well as grow my personal brand.) But I know many are not that lucky. (Thus why I work so hard to provide and do everything in my power to take care of her for supporting and allowing me to do what I love.)

Many times I just wish I can do more. Sure, if someone told me I would not have to pay for anything at all (no matter how trivial it was or big for thar matter) and that I didn’t have to work for an entire year, you bet you I would have at least 3 videos out everyday, be part of at least 4 Twitter Chats a day, work on cranking a new documentary every month, optimize my website once a week, add 2 blogs a day, post on a column, make original content on Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Periscope, while traveling the world interviewing people from all walks of life.

BUT REALITY HITS, and I just got home from working 10 hours at the office. I spent two hours with the wife catching up on the day, recapping the week, eating, and watching an episode of SWAT. She is now sleeping soundly and though my extreme lack of sleep for this week, I am typing this piece at 1:10 AM. Yep, between optimizing my website a bit and writing this piece, has lead me into the next day.

It’s not easy nor do I think it gets any easier as if more time does become available it’s just more work you want to do. So unless you hit the lottery, or someone blesses you with an abundance to take an extreme leave of absence, us every day “micro-influencers” will just have to make time when we have time. We will have to do the best we can and strive to still be happy for those killing the game while not diminishing the fact you are killing the game as well. You are just in the slow lane while those big shots are in the fast lane. Don’t mind them.

Keep your eyes on your path. Get inspired by those in the fast lane. You’ll be able to adjust your lanes and speed accordingly but make sure you’re ready, and you have the proper support behind you to maintain your momentum and growth in this extremely oversaturated digital world.

Remember, the great thing is, there’s room for everybody on the internet. It’s about finding that niche group that gets you and appreciate your value, input, opinion, creativity, mindset, and discussions.

Until Next Time,