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At What Cost Would You Pursue Social Validation? I admit I have a hard time saying no to helping people. Simply, I always feel like when someone is down, and I am able, I will do all within my power to help as I would hope if it ever comes to it someone will do
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Could Multiple Twitter Verification Badges Be A Solution For Twitter? Would you Pay for Twitter Membership? Would You Want Multiple Twitter Verification Badges? Tweet like a pro. That is what you would see when you logged into Tweetdeck. But would you be willing to pay to "tweet like a pro"? To all my social influencers and
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Everyone wants to be coined something... Coach Consultant Best-Selling Book Writer Speaker Podcast Host Influencer Radio Personality Advisor Spokesperson Vlogger Personality Entrepreneur Executive Innovator Guru Expert Pro And beyond.... Thing is sometimes we can wear many hats and it works. Other times you may wear one hat in one niche, and it works. Then sometimes
EVERY 5TH WEDNESDAY MEANS #BRANDARCHY ON #BRANDCHATI HAD THE GREAT PLEASURE TO FILL IN FOR GARY NIX TO HOST #BRANDARCHY ON #BRANDCHAT Gary Nix & Maria Duron along with Gerald Moczynski are the three pillars (the Big Three" as I call them) of @BrandChat. They have been big mentors in my career and so many things
WOMEN IN THE DIGITAL MEDIA SECTOR (INNOVATE WOMEN TWITTER CHAT - 11/10/16) I am the Creator as well as the Moderator for #InnovateWomen Twitter Chat. I am humbled that VMC heard my idea to have a "Panel-Style" Twitter Chat and we came together to make it their own. They, along with others sponsor the event.
#ContentChat Discussion: Global Content Marketing I had the pleasure of being the guest on Erika Heald's great Twitter Chat #ContentChat on 7/25/16. Below is a recap of the discussion. [View the story "#ContentChat Recap: Global Content Marketing" on Storify]  
TRANSMEDIA MARKETING So on Thursday, 9/8/16 I had the pleasure to be the guest on #Social Pow Wow, a Twitter Chat with a strong Indian audience, well because the host, the lovely Ancita Satija, is of New Dehli Area India. Ancita is a communications professional and ever since I was invited to be one of her
I am just going to come right out and ask does anyone REALLY use Google+? Like Really? I always use Gmail and Youtube and other such apps in the Google arsenal in that grid view in Chrome daily, yet Google Plus might as well just be there for decorations because I honestly never use it.