Go Home They Said, Stop Working Late They Said It’s snowing heavy, and it’s very icy outside. Yet, someone in the office forgets it’s even snowing outside because he is so caught up in work for another 3 hours. Then it takes forever to get home just to find him working at the home office.
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Make Time For Your Aspirations Make Time For Yourself! Make time for yourself. Make time for your aspiration. Make time to make that video, edit that video & post that video. Make time to write. Make time to engage. Make time to read a book. Make time to write a book. Make time to sing.
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed MindsetIt's All About Perspective Don't be defined by your age, race, gender, or where you come from. What you choose to become is based on your mindset. When things happen in your life that's out of your control, how you respond to it is based on your mindset. Most people know