Go Home They Said, Stop Working Late They Said It’s snowing heavy, and it’s very icy outside. Yet, someone in the office forgets it’s even snowing outside because he is so caught up in work for another 3 hours. Then it takes forever to get home just to find him working at the home office.
Affiliations Are Not Excuses For Doing Business Unethically Don't use an affiliation like race, former neighbors, former classmates, or church as an excuse for doing business unethically. If at all possible don't pay people random amounts at random parts of the year trying to add up to the amount due or avoid it all together.
Serious middle-aged businessman standing at projection screen with table and pointing to it while looking and explaining ideas to audience seen partly
Everyone wants to be coined something... Coach Consultant Best-Selling Book Writer Speaker Podcast Host Influencer Radio Personality Advisor Spokesperson Vlogger Personality Entrepreneur Executive Innovator Guru Expert Pro And beyond.... Thing is sometimes we can wear many hats and it works. Other times you may wear one hat in one niche, and it works. Then sometimes
Before you read my first written piece on Medium (which you can find by clicking here to see on the Medium app or platform), I will say this, this is not a story or piece of “how I made it” because it’s not. This is a piece on how so many are just seeking for