Tasmania (/tæzˈmeɪniə/; (abbreviated as TAS) = TAS + MANIA (Troy Anthony Sandidge + “Mania” of Thoughts). Below you will find a variety of thoughts, blogs, rants, opinions, twitter chats, outside sources I see as valuable, and probably a whole bunch of randomness as well. The variety of categories and posts would be much more if there were enough hours in the day to post all of the millions of ideas and things that I do. Unfortunately, if I’m being really honest here there are probably more posts as drafts on this website right now than there are public for you to see. But I hope you find something worth valuable, inspiring, motivating, worth discussing further (maybe even for an upcoming Twitter Chat?… think about it) or at least have a laugh (though I would settle for a chuckle…or simply a smirk even).

Basically, that was my long unique way of saying this is updated frequently as often as life gives me the time, space, and opportunity to do so. So check back often!

3 vital tips for going live
Want to have better live streams with your audience? Let's break down crucial (yet very simple) tips you need to master to be better when you press record. ** Do not feel like reading? I got you covered. There is a video recap below. ** 1 Have a Calling Card There are some great advantages
Go Home They Said, Stop Working Late They Said It’s snowing heavy, and it’s very icy outside. Yet, someone in the office forgets it’s even snowing outside because he is so caught up in work for another 3 hours. Then it takes forever to get home just to find him working at the home office.
Affiliations Are Not Excuses For Doing Business Unethically Don't use an affiliation like race, former neighbors, former classmates, or church as an excuse for doing business unethically. If at all possible don't pay people random amounts at random parts of the year trying to add up to the amount due or avoid it all together.
half empty or full
"Is the glass half empty or half full?" is a common expression, a proverbial phrase, generally used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty), or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual's worldview. -- Wikipedia 'Half full' and 'half empty'
Gray and Blue Photo Fitness Facebook Post
Make Time For Your Aspirations Make Time For Yourself! Make time for yourself. Make time for your aspiration. Make time to make that video, edit that video & post that video. Make time to write. Make time to engage. Make time to read a book. Make time to write a book. Make time to sing.
Validation Loading
At What Cost Would You Pursue Social Validation? I admit I have a hard time saying no to helping people. Simply, I always feel like when someone is down, and I am able, I will do all within my power to help as I would hope if it ever comes to it someone will do
twitter verific smaller
Could Multiple Twitter Verification Badges Be A Solution For Twitter? Would you Pay for Twitter Membership? Would You Want Multiple Twitter Verification Badges? Tweet like a pro. That is what you would see when you logged into Tweetdeck. But would you be willing to pay to "tweet like a pro"? To all my social influencers and
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed MindsetIt's All About Perspective Don't be defined by your age, race, gender, or where you come from. What you choose to become is based on your mindset. When things happen in your life that's out of your control, how you respond to it is based on your mindset. Most people know
Serious middle-aged businessman standing at projection screen with table and pointing to it while looking and explaining ideas to audience seen partly
Everyone wants to be coined something... Coach Consultant Best-Selling Book Writer Speaker Podcast Host Influencer Radio Personality Advisor Spokesperson Vlogger Personality Entrepreneur Executive Innovator Guru Expert Pro And beyond.... Thing is sometimes we can wear many hats and it works. Other times you may wear one hat in one niche, and it works. Then sometimes