Affiliations Are Not Excuses For Doing Business Unethically

Don’t use an affiliation like race, former neighbors, former classmates, or church as an excuse for doing business unethically. If at all possible don’t pay people random amounts at random parts of the year trying to add up to the amount due or avoid it all together. There’s a sense of trust because you know the person but don’t think that owes you a discount for everything. Keep business, business. Do all you can to pay them the full amount you said and if not don’t avoid communication. But it’s the same with anyone with a service. You have to pay utilities, or that’s it. Yet many treat one’s service to another so differently. It’s quite sad.

A friend of mine just told me this morning he has to live with a friend because a person didn’t pay him in full of the service he gave him, he wanted to bargain with him for a monthly plan and didn’t even do that and couldn’t pay his rent for a while. And he had a contract and everything, but he didn’t want to take legal action because of the close affiliation. It shouldn’t even get to that point. We need to respect each other not just in the church but outside the church, same thing as classmates, family, etc.

Another tip, if your business model is dependent solely on audience compiled of only your church, school, neighborhood, and/or family, then that is a fragile model. Your audience will only buy so much of your product or services at any given time, and it’s not sustainable for maintainable growth after a certain point. Plus an audience with so much personal attachment will only tolerate so much solicitation at one time, and it may appear you can’t get business outside of extreme personal tides. Use it as a foundation point but grow beyond that group so you can have more legs to stand on.

And I’ll say, to those providing the product or doing the service, you may have to think twice when it comes to doing so for such close affiliations. If they can’t pay for it upfront or half now and half upon completion or have a history of not paying after, you may have to deny them. We all want to help but don’t confuse helping at your leisure and standing firm so proper payment can be rendered, and you aren’t at a loss.

As you can tell it’s a touchy subject for me to post about it but that didn’t sit right with me that my friend is out his home today because someone didn’t value his work enough to pay him. Let’s do better. Show all small business the respect they deserve. It takes a special person to be an entrepreneur. It takes an even stronger person to remain one.