3 vital tips for going live

Want to have better live streams with your audience?

Let’s break down crucial (yet very simple) tips you need to master to be better when you press record.

** Do not feel like reading? I got you covered. There is a video recap below. **

1 Have a Calling Card

There are some great advantages to having a calling card:

  • You get into a rhythm of how to start off all of your videos
  • It creates a sense of consistency in your videos and establishes consistent critical expectations with your audience from the beginning
  • It gets you pumped; it gets your audience pumped
  • Studies show that a calling card helps to get your audience to be more engaged and “stay locked in” watching your videos
  • You already know the first thing you want to say when you press record, which takes the edge off, and should lead to a more productive, exciting, and complete video


2 Have a General Outline

No, I’m not saying you have to have every word scripted out. I am not saying you need to read from a teleprompter. (Because depending on how it is set up, the audience will tell you are reading. Plus, if you are too focused on reading, you may not show natural emotion, and there may be a disconnect with your audience in the video.)

With that being said, you most definitely need to have a general outline of what you want to say, examples you want to bring up whether experiences in your own life or use mentors as examples, and your main reason or point behind the video. You have to get to the point, if you don’t get to the point, you leave your audience left in mystery (unless that is the point of the video, then disregard my last sentence).

This leads me right into my next tip.


3 Keep It Short

Videos go much faster than people think. It is sort of how when people make PowerPoint that is about 30 slides and think it is long but goes through it in about 5 – 8 minutes. It is the same thing with video. We tend to speak much faster than we type and read. You can almost double it when you are nervous and trying to recall all the things you want to say while on camera. So yes a 10-page piece could run you 4 minutes on camera.

So a better way is to divide and conquer. I would rather watch 10 one minute videos with a precise opening, middle, and end that get rights to the point. Most people cannot just run a marathon right away. You gradually work your way up to that duration. Same way with video, work your way up to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, you get the point.

There is nothing worse than when you promoted a 20-minute session beforehand but run out of things to say after five minutes, and now you either improvise or claim “technical difficulties” to end the shame. So let’s not do that. Let’s build our talking stamina when going live gradually. No one wants to hear rambling. We want to feel you have something to say every second we watch.


Bonus Tip: Go Live with a Friend

It most definitely helps to go live with a friend. It takes the edge off. The conversation is more natural. You don’t have to carry all of the weight of the discussion, nor do you have to remember all of the talking points. You can lean on each other strengths and help diminish each other weaknesses during the live stream. It also allows for double the reach as people may tune in for you or your friend.

Facebook & Instagram both allow you to go live with another person (for the double the reach and double the fun). Keep in mind you can always just press record with more people featured in the background with you as well!


Here is a 1 Minute Recap of the Vital Tips.

(In case you did not feel like reading… you are welcome)

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